Environment clearance is necessary for a few categories of construction projects and area development projects under the new EIA Notification, 2006 and its amendment. The following clearances and NoC are obtained by our side for the project proponent for construction projects.

EC and EIA

The objective of the EIA Notification, 2006 is to set procedures of environmental clearance before establishment of identified nature and size. The suitability of site proposed for a proposed development is one of primary concerns in according environmental clearance to a project.

Environment Clearance is essential for construction projects depending on their plot area and built up area. Form 1, Form 1A along with Environment Management Plan and Conceptual plan should be provided for 8a B2 category of construction project where the plot area is within 20000 Square Meters or the built up area within 150000 Square Meters. Township and area development projects spread over 50 Hectares or more are appraised with Form 1 & proposed TOR. Our organization analyses the baseline environment status, predicts and assesses environment impacts. We also suggest the environment management plan and mitigation measures according to the present and future environment impacts.

The significant environmental parameters are identified in order to assess the existing status within the impact zone with respect to air, water, noise, soil and socio-economic components of environment.

Our organization conducts the reconnaissance survey and sampling locations are identified on the basis of predominant wind direction in the study area as recorded by nearest IMD Station existing topography, location of surface water bodies like ponds, canals and rivers, location of nearby habitation and sensitive areas, areas which represent baseline conditions; and collection, collation and analysis of baseline data for various environmental attributes.

The field data for soils, meteorology, water quality, air quality, noise, ecology for the study will be generated and tested for parameters such as air quality, meteorological parameters, water quality, soil type, ambient noise level.

Management Plan is drawn and pollution control measures will be suggested to mitigate the impacts so as to maintain them within stipulated standards for air, water and noise quality of the study area. Moreover measures will be suggested to minimize the impacts of the project on socio-economic and ecological environment.

Consent to Establish & Operate

We also help our clients in obtaining CTE & CTO from the respective agencies i.e. State Pollution Control Board as per the guidelines.

It is mandatory to obtain Consent to Establish (NOC) from respective State Pollution Control Board As per the Water Act 1974 and Air Act 1981, before commencement of the construction activities on the site. The consent to establish is obtained by making an application in a prescribed format to respective State Pollution Control Board along with required documents and scrutiny fees. It is followed by physical inspection of the site and assessment of the environmental management system proposed so as to meet with the mandatory requirement prescribed by State pollution Control Board. The list of data required for carrying out the Consent to establish varies according to the state. The time period of obtaining the consent also varies according to the type and area of the Industry or process as the time period for granting the NOC from the concerned authority straight away dependent on type of industry as green industries gets the NOC in a short duration than the orange or red industry. The location of the project also affects the condition of the project and the time duration taken for obtaining the consent to establish.

Similarly as per the Water Act 1974 and Air Act 1981, it is mandatory to obtain Consent to Operate (CTO) from respective State pollution Control Board after the commencement of the development activities. The procedure for obtaining the Consent to Operate is also the same and the similar documents are required for this process.

As a consultant it is our responsibility to obtain the Consent to Establish & Consent to Operate for our clients. Our services includes filling up of application form and then revising it according to the requirement of the State Pollution Control Board followed by awarding of NOC by the agency.

Compliance Report

Basically the compliance reports comprises of the status of the project and the full filled promises by the developing authority as demanded by State Pollution Control Board/ MoEF. These compliances are carried out on half-yearly basis as given in Environmental Clearance conditions. For construction projects the compliances are carried out for construction phase. The compliances generally consider the following aspects:

  • Environment Status: The effect of the construction on environment will be considered in compliance and its effect will also be taken in consideration. The effect of environment on Air, Noise, Water & Soil will be taken into consideration and pollution emission will be checked by the standards.
  • Corporate Social responsibility: It will include the effect of development for the society and will be comprising of development measures taken by the developer on society.