“GreenC Initiatives is an independent non-profit arm of GreenC. GreenC Initiatives, a Public Charitable Trust registered under the Indian Trust act. It has been established to provide services in social, environment & economic research, assessment of development projects, capacity building of rural & urban habitant, health and poverty reduction while working with the local community.”GreenC Initiatives is working in the village of Chitrangi Tehsil mostly belong to primitive tribe, totally cut off from the development of the outside world have minimal access to civic amenities like education health and livelihood since 2010.

The objectives of the Organization are:

  • To uplift social, economic & cultural environment of rural and urban poor.
  • To undertake programs, projects in encouraging the people about the utility of using scientific knowledge and technology in agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, afforestation and plantation.
  • To promote awareness and group formation for accessing the Government programs already available for marginalized population and helping them in implementing it.
  • To create alternate employment sources by providing training on allied skills.
  • To conserve and economically utilize natural resources in rural areas through community mobilization and participation.
  • To prepare short and medium term village development plan and watershed management plan.
  • To encourage community on utilizing renewable energy sources.
  • To promote community level facilities such as education, health, art & craft and other cultural skills available with the indigenous community.
  • To promote agro based industries in rural areas and skill transfer.
  • To promote bio farming in conventional agricultural areas.
  • To undertake research activity on environment and landuse change in respect to socio-cultural aspects.
  • To undertake surveys on social, economic, political, gender, health, infrastructure aspects in rural, urban & forest area.
  • To help in creation of self help groups and creation of micro-credit societies in rural and urban areas.
  • To mobilize fund for various initiatives.

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