GCPL brings together a unique team of professionals, technical and support staff from various disciplines who are committed to offer valued-added expert services. Our team structure is designed to empowering our employees so that decisions can be made more quickly and efficiently, speeding projects and providing cost savings for our clients through a result -oriented approach.
GCPL consists of people chosen for their in-depth knowledge, innovative problem solving capability, with an ethical approach and dedication to perform efficiently. GCPL enjoys true relationships with other experienced professionals in the field of science and engineering which may partner with to enhance quality and capability in the services that it offers.

our team

Our team possesses the following qualities:

  • Professionals with Relevant Plan Preparation Experience;
  • Professionals with tremendous insights and experience in respective areas of specialisation;
  • Professionals with sincerity and commitment;
  • Professionals with honesty and integrity;
  • Professionals who can attach themselves with communities and system;
  • Professionals who realize their responsibilities to the society, situation and time;
  • Professionals with vision and mission;
  • Professionals who can dream and yet be practical and situation oriented;
  • Professionals eminent in their respective areas of work;
  • Professionals who can be excellent team members;
  • Professionals who can contribute on work-rising to the need of the hour;
  • Professionals who are an asset to the profession and society

We consider that team is one, which translates the mission and value of organization(s) into service, and ultimately enables clients realize their goals. The key credentials of the professionals are enclosed.