Greenc Laboratory Services (GLS) is a Analytical Arm of GCPL accredited by NABL under offer Environmental Monitoring & Analytical Services. GLS carry out sampling and analysis of stack emission, ambient air, noise, soil, waste water, and hazardous/non hazardous solid waste. GLS also undertakes annual contract for routine sampling and analysis of various samples as per requirement of consent to operate. Sampling and testing is carried out as per relevant Indian standards and guidelines of different statutory bodies.

Soil Sampling & Analysis

The laboratory of GLS is fully equipped to carry out sampling and analysis of soil samples as may be needed for conducting a detailed soil investigation exercise. We have sufficient instruments required for soil investigation.

Air Monitoring:

The standards of the air quality are set at a level necessary for an adequate margin of safety, to protect the public health, vegetation and property. The Ambient Air Quality standards have been notified by the Central Pollution Control Board (vide Gazette Notification dated 11th April 1994). Air Quality is monitored comprehensively with Climatological parameter for different developmental activities including industrial developments during construction and operation phases.

List Of Air Monitoring Instruments:

Ambient Air / Fugitive Emission High Volume Sampler APM-410 and 415 with APM 411, Respirable Dust Sampler APM, APM-460 with APM411 CO detector tubes, Gas Sampling Kit, Personal Sampler, Handy Sampler
Source Emission (Stack Monitoring) Stack Monitoring Kit APM-620 with all optional accessories, Stack Velocity and Temperature Monitoring Kit APM-602, Orsat Apparatus

Noise Monitoring & Analysis:

Noise levels will be monitored & measured as per CPCB recommended instrument or any National/International manufactured Sound level meter & reading shall be taken for every hour for 24 hours. The daytime noise level shall be monitored during 6 AM to 10 PM & night-time levels during 10 PM to 6 AM. The noise level at varying distances for multi-sources will be predicted using suitable model.

Water Sampling & Analysis:

The Water Quality is tested for Physical, Chemical and Biological Parameters. The water tests are classified as General or Common Parameter and Specific Parameters for -Surface Water, Ground Water and Waste Water. The company has the facility of carrying out analysis of all the parameters as are normally needed. It has technical link up with a few frontline specialized laboratories in the country whose services are availed for special analytical exercise.