Our strength lies in preparing report incorporating all the details and requirements of the Equator Principles and International Finance corporations (IFC) Performance Standards as defined tellus non erat lacinia fermentum. Donec in velit vel ipsum auctor pulvinar. Proin ullamcorper urna et felis.

  • Principle 1: Review and Categorization of the Project
  • Principle 2: Social and Environmental Assessment
  • Principle 3: Applicable Social and Environmental Standards
  • Principle 4: Action Plan and Management System
  • Principle 5: Consultation and Disclosure
  • Principle 6: Grievance Mechanism
  • Principle 7: Independent Review
  • Principle 8: Covenants
  • Principle 9: Independent Monitoring and Reporting
  • Principle 10: EPFI Reporting

  • PS 1: Social and Environmental Assessment and Management System
  • PS2: Labour and Working Conditions
  • PS3: Pollution Prevention and Abatement
  • PS4: Community Health, Safety & Security
  • PS5: Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement
  • PS6: Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Natural Resource
  • PS7: Indigenous Peoples
  • PS8: Cultural Heritage


  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment according to IFC guidelines and Equator Principles
  • Environmental Impact Assessments according to host country EIA Notification
  • Environment & Social Audit as per Financial Institution Requirement
  • Environment & Social Compliance
  • CSR Implementation
  • Review of Environment and Social Development
  • Forest Clearance
  • Environment and Social Management Plan
  • Environment Action Plan
  • Resettlement and Rehabilitation Action Plan
  • Tribal Development Plan
  • District Industrial Sitting guidelines and Zoning Atlas
  • Area Drainage Plan and Hydrogeology Study
  • City Development Plan